Nikon P500 Review

Nikon p500 Review

Nikon p500 Product Description

Capturing your special moments require you to have a high quality camera. If you want the best photo shooting moments, why not depend on Nikon p500? This digital camera has 12.1 megapixel super zoom with massive 36x optical zoom lens.

It also gives a wide range of brand new features that inspire amateurs and professional photographers to experiment on new shooting techniques. This powerful and dynamic camera has a stable performance and provides clearer and shaper output.

Nikon Coolpix also varies in price depending on your chosen suppliers. Its cost often ranges from $256.49 to $298.98 with free shipment charges. If you want to know about this product, simply browse the web and read a Nikon p500 review.

Nikon p500 Product Features

The Nikon p500 is not an ordinary camera. As compared to other types, this unit offers various features that can never be replicated. These features include the following:

    1) Have 36x wide-angle optical zoom and 12.1 megapixel that aims to offer unique low performance and high-speed operation

    2) Can capture five consecutive shots in every second with complete resolution

    3) It includes full high-definition movie with HDMI output and stereo sound

    4) Have five-way VR photo stabilization system for effective use

    5) It has 10mm telephoto with efficient vibration reduction and side zoom control

    6) This product has a product dimension of 4.1 x 4.6 x 3.3 inches with 1.1 pounds of weight

    7) Effective color display on the LCD and ability to shoot while in video mode

    8) Various accessories including lens cap, USB cable, video cable, charger, Li-ion battery and more

Nikon p500 Pros

1) This Coolpix offers unlimited benefits to all users. If you are fond of reading digital photography blog, you probably know the entire features of this unit.

2) Nikon p500 is made up of durable materials, making it more effective.

3) With its great features, you can easily capture special moments without any complicated procedures.

4) When it comes to its design, this unit is very elegant and sophisticated. Its portable features make it easier to carry anywhere you want. Once you have this unit, expect that you will love its output.

Nikon p500 Cons

Just like other items, Nikon p500 comes with a few drawbacks. Users claim that this unit doesn’t have a filter attachment. In some cases, new users find it hard in operating this device. If you don’t want to encounter this, simply read its manual.

Nikon p500 Customer Reviews and Scores

In a p500 review, this unit received 4.1 out of 5 stars. Out of 197, 105 of them ranked the unit with 5 stars, 46 with 4 stars, 19 with 3 stars, 13 with2 stars and 14 with one star. This score denotes that most customers love this unit as compared to others. [Read More Reviews Here.....]

Nikon p500 Conclusion

Whether you are new to using Nikon p500 or not, you can easily handle it without worries. This unit always brings a positive result.

Nikon p500 Review Guidelines

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Nikon p500 review site summary

Writing a Nikon p500 review has two notable benefits. It gets potentially useful information out to those who might need it, plus, also the nikon p500 review makes the reviewer *think* more about various issues, eventually making the reader an even better and more informed equipment purchaser.